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Skating School

Our Skating School offers classes for all ages and abilities — from pre-schoolers to adults, beginners to advanced skaters. Classes begin with the fundamentals and progress to more advanced and specialized skills, including both figure skating and ice hockey.

We participate in the U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program. The curriculum is well-designed, and the objectives are a perfect match with our own goals:

• To make your skating safe and pleasurable.
• To improve your skills through progressive levels which will bring confidence and satisfaction at each step.
• To build a solid foundation if you later decide to pursue figure skating or ice hockey more seriously.

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Basic 1 – 8
Eight carefully planned levels allow the beginning skater to feel comfortable on the ice while gaining the basic skating techniques needed to advance into any of the specialized areas of the Basic Skills Program.
  Snowplow Sam 1 – 3
Introduces preliminary skills to pre-school skaters. Learn dips, swizzles, wiggles, and stops.
Artistry in Motion 1 – 4
Artistry in Motion focuses on the basic principles of body alignment, movement, and line — the foundation for choreography and style. The goal is to stimulate the creative mind and develop the physical skills required to express creativity through movement.
  Free Skate 1 – 6
Upon completion of Basic 1 – 8, skaters learn jumps, spins, footwork, and other exciting athletic and artistic moves.
Synchro 1 – 4
Introduces the fundamental skills of synchronized team skating. Each level contains progressively more difficult variations on the five basic elements: circles, lines, blocks, wheels, and intersections.
  Hockey 1 – 4
Introduces the basics of hockey skating skills, focusing on power and agility to make players more successful in a game situation.
Adult 1 – 4
Promotes overall fitness, improves balance and coordination while mastering the basics of ice skating

Registration is for an 8-week period on a rolling basis. In other words, you can start at any time and join a class in progress. If you miss a class, you may make it up by attending a similar class on a different day of the week, or simply extend your period by an additional week. The limitation is that all 8 classes must be completed within a maximum 10 weeks.

The registration fee is $100 for 8 classes, plus $15 per year (September 1 - August 31) for program registration, which includes insurance coverage.